Due to the health risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic the 2020 symposium is cancelled.


The 15th Franco-Romanian Colloquium on Applied Mathematics will be held from August 24 to 28, 2020 at the Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania.


The colloquium is is organized by the Transilvania University of Brasov, the "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, the Francophone Center in Mathematics and the International ECO-Math Research Group, in partnership with the Francophone University Agency.

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Goals of the conference

The goal of this meeting is to bring together researchers in applied mathematics, especially those involved in scientific cooperations between France and Romania.

For the previous editions of the conference (organized every two years alternately between France and Romania), see: Bordeaux (2018)         Iasi (2016)        Lyon (2014)        Bucarest (2012)


The registration is free, but mandatory. To register,  please use the connection button (upper right corner of the page), which requires a SciencesConf account (if you participated in the previous edition of the colloque, you may use the same credentials to login, otherwise you can create a free account). The registration site is open between February 1 and July 1, 2020.

Apply for a talk

If you would like to give a presentation (oral/poster) in one of the minisimposia of the colloque, please complete the required information under "My space -> Submissions". Use this latex template for your submission: the PDF obtained by latex compilation should be submitted as the main file, and the TEX file should be submitted as the supplementary file. If you encounter problems during the submission process you can email the local organizers (15colfrro@sciencesconf.org) with the corresponding submission information (TEX and PDF files and your choice for the minisimposia).

Deadline for presentation requests: June 1, 2020.

Financial support

The local organizers will try to provide financial support to the participants (limited funds, mainly to cover the costs of accommodation and / or meals), the priority being young people who give a presentation in a mini-symposium. To request financial assistance, please send a message to the organizers at 15colfrro@sciencesconf.org.

The subject of the message must be "funding request" and you must specify in the body of the message your name, first name, email, affiliation, your provisional arrival / departure dates and if a request for a presentation has been made (request in progress or accepted). You must also attach a Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications to the message. In addition, doctoral students must also send a letter of recommendation from their thesis director.

Deadline for financial support requests: June 1, 2020.

Scientific Committee

Karine Beauchard, Yann Brenier, Alice Guionnet (president of the committee), Dorin Ieşan, Delia Ionescu-Kruse, Michel Ledoux, Yvon Maday, Petru Mironescu, Radu Precup and Frédéric Rousset.

Local organizing committee

Nicușor Minculete, Mihai N. Pascu, Eugen Păltănea, Ovidiu Popescu, Gabriel Stan, Anca Vasilescu


Dragoș Iftimie, Radu Ignat, Cătălin Lefter, Ionel Popescu

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